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Donna Harris: It's Not the End, It's the Beginning (
This focus on playing second fiddle becomes an enabler to doing less than everything possible to support entrepreneurs locally. Should every city that isn't Silicon Valley simply throw up their hands in defeat?
  • Brad Feld Powerful support of my deeply held belief that every city in the world can support a vibrant startup community.
    • Marc Canter and in each of those Startup Community hubs - comes the need to share the wealth with local ex-laborers, moms returning to work, returning vets, baby boomers and others - who have yet to benefit from on-line!

      Its important to have Startup Communities - but it's also important to figure out what comes after those communities are up and running. Just showing people how to use MS Excel - ain't enough!
  • Marc Canter I agree - a key foundation to this revolution is to get it distributed and evenly spread out - throughout the world. Silicon Valley may lead, but without local nodes - it's easy to "cut off the head." A distributed model also leaves room for the "small guys and gals" to earn a living off of the ecosystem, rathe rthan play a subservient role to the BigCos.
    • Brad Feld Well said. It's really powerful to hear from folks in cities all over the country about this. I'm on a Startup America board call right now and it's awesome how much activity and actually scaling up of companies are happening in places like Tennessee, DC, Texas, Iowa, etc.
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