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  • posted Watched Marc Andreessen talk about what makes them invest in founders, it is quite simple... Be So Good at what you do that no one can ignore you.
  • posted Meet the first VC firm to open a Waterloo Region office
  • posted What is the most contrarian thing you have done? In my case it was convincing my partners and myself to invest in Iceland in 2009. Being contrarian is hard, the reason it is hard is due to how our society works.
  • posted Check out Eliot Peper's latest blog:
  • posted Everything starts inside out. I have created a reference to a list of books, this is by no measure an exhaustive list but it has helped me a lot. What books are you reading?
  • posted Are you doing things that feels like will not scale? welcome to the perfect startup world. All successful startups start with that conundrum. The key is to look past that and focus on building the customer engagement and traction.
  • posted Hilarious talk by Ben Chestnut, the founder and CEO of MailChimp on building a creative team and Leadership. The secret ironically is not that obvious.
  • posted Biocentric Game reports measurements of the effects of the interaction among Consciousness and physical processes, and utilizes this process as a precise instrument to rapidly and accurately feed back information to the user. The simulation is rich of archetypes inspired by the traditions of the videogames, the links driving the player towards influencing the target are already put in place since the beginning, they are the foundation of the process. In our intentions, the consciousness of the user (if he has experience with videogames) can't avoid to provide the effect.
  • posted Building great products and companies starts with empathy for your first customer or user. If you cannot build that emotional connection to the one there is no way you are going to grow your customer to millions. The road to million customers starts with the 1. Kevin Hale the founder of Wufoo and Partner at Y Combinator gave the 7th lecture, IMHO this was by far the best lecture in the series. Watch it, learn it, do it... you can thank me later!
  • posted All companies have a secret sauce, exciting times given all the developments in technologies like blockchain and mesh networks
  • posted Do you have entrepreneurial grit?
  • posted How Startups Get Customers from Eliot Peper-
  • posted Power Law governs everything in our world but it is difficult to understand. Here is a simple way to think about Power Law, think about the Rule of 72, a simple trick to find out the time it takes to double your investment. You just need to divide 72 by the rate of return approximately you get the number of years i.e if an investment gives you 12% return then it will take 6 years to double your money (i.e 72/12).
  • posted Growth is life for a startup. Knowing what to measure and growing that metric are not trivial tasks. What is the growth rate of your startup?
  • posted I will be giving a talk on Startup Thinking to Project Management in the Verkefnastjórnunarfélag íslands event today. IMHO, Project Management has become an example of a Cart driving the Horse. I think we need to change our thinking about how we manage projects.
  • posted Are you building a monopoly? if not you should seriously consider doing that. We are not talking about those who get favors to corner the market or bullies, we are talking about those companies that make something their customers love, which creates a network effect to take the majority of the market.
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  • posted How do #Teachers Use the Internet?