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  • posted Hi!

    We are building a new Event-Based Analytics tool for startups. We will appreciate if you could take a minute to take this quick survey. Filling this will help us build the perfect tool for startups!

  • posted Go ahead and disrupt, but don't ignore the consequences: Fred Wilson on the need for civic engagement in tech
  • posted Turn your work into a game but don't tell your boss!
    Check out the itemz - the web motivational task management app that combines gamifications with productivity systems such as GTD and Kanban. The main purppose of this app is to improve the workflow in small and medium teams by motivating individual members more efficiently using a reward system involving trophies.
    Release the Kraken of your productivity!
  • posted MeetingMogul parses your smartphone calendar and shows you all your conference calls and meetings in a convenient agenda view. Simply touching the call icon or acting on the reminder will dial you right into your conference call, without having to look up, remember, or dial any numbers.
  • posted Promising startups from Iceland will be featured during the Startup Iceland Conference . Jivaro is one of those startups. Read to learn about what they do.
  • posted Cooee Messenger is the swiftest way to send messages to your family and friends all over the world. Whether it’s through Internet, SMS, or our Cooee system, stay in touch your way with Cooee Messenger.
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  • posted 6 Startup Founders from Iceland who have made meaningful impact to the local ecosystem will share their story during Startup Iceland 2015.
  • posted Vodafone Iceland team is releasing an API for a number of vehicles which has an On-Board Diagnostic device. It is going to so much fun to see what gets built in 30 hours. Read on to find out more about how to register and participate, its FREE.
  • posted The time has come to open the Startup Iceland Blog, if you are a startup founder in Iceland write to me and use the Startup Iceland blog to do your Inbound Marketing. Read more on how...
  • posted Sebastiaan Hooft is coming to Startup Iceland. I am really excited about this as we are exploring ideas on how we can host a music party with him as DJ during Startup Iceland. Watch out for more information on that... Sebastiaan is an Entrepreneur, VC, TEDx speaker and DJ and a great friend. I am eager to meet him, if you are a founder you absolutely need to talk to Sebastiaan when he is here. Have you bought your tickets yet?
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  • posted I will be teaching a class in Reykjavik University this fall - How to Start a Startup - to inspire those taking the class that future awaits those who create it. To quote from Zero to One "In 1912, after he became the first explorer to reach the South Pole, Roald Amundsen wrote: Victory awaits him who has everything in order - luck, people call it." You are not a lottery ticket we have to find a way back to a definite future, and the western world needs nothing short of a cultural revolution to do it.
  • posted Last friday was Startup Energy Reykjavik demo day and it is always inspiring to see the Founders pitch their companies. The highlight for me was the talk given by the President of Iceland. Read on to find out more...
  • posted Brad Feld and his Canadian co-author bring book tour to Waterloo Region
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  • posted Startup communities gets stronger when it is connected to other startup communities. I have been establishing connections to a number of other communities. Trondheim and Technoport is a great connection for Iceland. Read about my adventures in Norway. I was able to convince the leaders there to send a bunch of founders to Iceland to participate in Startup Iceland.
  • posted New Communitech accelerator takes no equity; targets revenue growth
  • posted SeArCh AnYtHiNg Anywhere with GOhunt !!
  • posted Jeff Clavier was probably one of the first Seed Fund investors. Mark Suster interviews Jeff on a number of items. 3 learnings for Founders when Capital is a Commodity which is what it is now apparently in Silicon Valley.
  • posted Preparation for PARCC and SBAC Assessments with common core instruction