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  • posted The “CEO” Search Experiment -- @Medium
  • posted Are you building a culture of Missionaries or Mercenaries. One endures the other does not. Listen to Brian Chesky of Airbnb talk about building a great team culture.
  • posted Watched Marc Andreessen talk about what makes them invest in founders, it is quite simple... Be So Good at what you do that no one can ignore you.
  • posted Everything starts inside out. I have created a reference to a list of books, this is by no measure an exhaustive list but it has helped me a lot. What books are you reading?
  • posted Are you doing things that feels like will not scale? welcome to the perfect startup world. All successful startups start with that conundrum. The key is to look past that and focus on building the customer engagement and traction.
  • posted Hilarious talk by Ben Chestnut, the founder and CEO of MailChimp on building a creative team and Leadership. The secret ironically is not that obvious.
  • posted Building great products and companies starts with empathy for your first customer or user. If you cannot build that emotional connection to the one there is no way you are going to grow your customer to millions. The road to million customers starts with the 1. Kevin Hale the founder of Wufoo and Partner at Y Combinator gave the 7th lecture, IMHO this was by far the best lecture in the series. Watch it, learn it, do it... you can thank me later!
  • posted How Startups Get Customers from Eliot Peper-
  • posted Growth is life for a startup. Knowing what to measure and growing that metric are not trivial tasks. What is the growth rate of your startup?
  • posted I will be giving a talk on Startup Thinking to Project Management in the Verkefnastjórnunarfélag íslands event today. IMHO, Project Management has become an example of a Cart driving the Horse. I think we need to change our thinking about how we manage projects.
  • posted Are you building a monopoly? if not you should seriously consider doing that. We are not talking about those who get favors to corner the market or bullies, we are talking about those companies that make something their customers love, which creates a network effect to take the majority of the market.
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  • posted The surest route to success is to be the cockroaches of the corporate world. The immediate cause of death in a startup is always running out of money. So the cheaper your company is to operate, the harder it is to kill. - Paul Graham, yes, the alarm bells are starting to ring. More on being scrappy and hustle in the blog post.
  • posted Being able to sell is an important skill for an entrepreneur. Do you have a sales methodology like Scrum for your startup? you don't? here are some ideas on how to build one.
  • posted It is easy to say build a rapid prototype, but actually being able to do that is the important part. I wanted to follow up my post with actual methods, hacks and process that enables anyone to build a culture of design thinking and rapid prototyping to build great products and services, that is way great startups or companies are built
  • posted When you are trying to figure out your Product to Market fit, focus on rapid prototyping don't waste time on figuring out the supply chain and talking about distribution channels etc. Time is the most valuable resource you have as an entrepreneur. I see so many startup founders focusing on the wrong things and wasting time. You need to stop that. Check out the story of narrated by Bill Gross
  • posted Too often, companies and individuals assume that creativity and innovation are the domain of the “creative types.” Creativity and innovation are both ingredients in Entrepreneurship and Startups, I believe anyone can do this, but must be willing to make the sacrifices. IMHO this is the only argument against a Basic Income Guarantee, read more to find out what I mean by this.
  • posted What tools and methods do you use to reconcile differences of opinion, disagreements and conflicts? Here is a good tool to enable you to do that. It is the guiding philosophy of Rotary International.
  • posted In life everybody faces choices between doing what's popular, easy and wrong vs doing what's lonely, difficult and right. These decisions intensify when you run a company, because the consequences get magnified 1000 fold - Ben Horowitz
    Why do you want to do a Startup anyway?
  • posted People problems are the leading causes of failure in startups. Listening to Founder's Dilemma a book by Noam Wasserman. What do you think? I can say based on my limited experience this is very much the case.