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  • posted The surest route to success is to be the cockroaches of the corporate world. The immediate cause of death in a startup is always running out of money. So the cheaper your company is to operate, the harder it is to kill. - Paul Graham, yes, the alarm bells are starting to ring. More on being scrappy and hustle in the blog post.
  • posted Being able to sell is an important skill for an entrepreneur. Do you have a sales methodology like Scrum for your startup? you don't? here are some ideas on how to build one.
  • posted It is easy to say build a rapid prototype, but actually being able to do that is the important part. I wanted to follow up my post with actual methods, hacks and process that enables anyone to build a culture of design thinking and rapid prototyping to build great products and services, that is way great startups or companies are built
  • posted When you are trying to figure out your Product to Market fit, focus on rapid prototyping don't waste time on figuring out the supply chain and talking about distribution channels etc. Time is the most valuable resource you have as an entrepreneur. I see so many startup founders focusing on the wrong things and wasting time. You need to stop that. Check out the story of narrated by Bill Gross
  • posted Too often, companies and individuals assume that creativity and innovation are the domain of the “creative types.” Creativity and innovation are both ingredients in Entrepreneurship and Startups, I believe anyone can do this, but must be willing to make the sacrifices. IMHO this is the only argument against a Basic Income Guarantee, read more to find out what I mean by this.
  • posted What tools and methods do you use to reconcile differences of opinion, disagreements and conflicts? Here is a good tool to enable you to do that. It is the guiding philosophy of Rotary International.
  • posted In life everybody faces choices between doing what's popular, easy and wrong vs doing what's lonely, difficult and right. These decisions intensify when you run a company, because the consequences get magnified 1000 fold - Ben Horowitz
    Why do you want to do a Startup anyway?
  • posted People problems are the leading causes of failure in startups. Listening to Founder's Dilemma a book by Noam Wasserman. What do you think? I can say based on my limited experience this is very much the case.
  • posted David Cohen shares the story of his first startup + video
  • posted Lessons from the Founders
  • posted Accelerate | Interview with Ben Uretsky, Founder of DigitalOcean (Techstars Graduate)
  • posted Check out David Brown, Founder of Techstars first Founder's Story:
  • posted Interview with CEO of FG Press, Dane McDonald
    • Cali Harris I dig how FG Press takes on authors: "Does this person pursue excellence in all that they do?" Yesssss.
    • Pete Baston 4 sure Cali , get away from mediocrity and onward to excellence . Nice Sandy - I hope Dane ( and or Brad ) is going to use their influence at the new CU Journalism and Media College. get them off of toilet paper and on to great scribing
  • posted Techstars Boulder- Happy Day 1
  • posted Techstars Boulder- Happy Day 1
  • posted “There’s no greater risk than playing it safe.” Yes.
  • posted What I do

    What I do...

    When you are looking for high growth for an established company or funded start-up, you need experienced marketing professional who understands the dynamics of business, generates leads, provides marketing automation and covers online environment, using data to define your strategy and drive marketing campaigns.

    Industry solutions include but are not limited to: Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Gaming, Retail and Ecommerce, Technology, Travel, Hospitality, Government.

    Advanced capabilities and global service delivery, backed by extensive experience across multiple industries.
    Planning is the key to making smart decisions and getting the best ROI from your marketing budget.
    Coaching and consulting for business setup, operational strategy, management consulting, obtaning public funding (crowdfunding).
    To drive more and better traffic to your website from search engine results correct keyword strategy is a must. Improving SEO through tactical efforts like AdWords, blogging, PR and other tools that feed into Google’s PageRank™ algorithm.
  • posted Using Startup Next To Get Your Company Accelerator-Ready - Feld Thoughts
  • posted Love this: "For centuries, the myth of the lone genius has towered over us, its shadow obscuring the way creative work really gets done. The attempts to pick apart the Lennon-McCartney partnership reveal just how misleading that myth can be, because John and Paul were so obviously more creative as a pair than as individuals, even if at times they appeared to work in opposition to each other."
  • posted I love this article by our upcoming author Rajesh Setty about the story gap between your true potential and your potential as perceived by your core group: