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  • posted Brad Feld and his Canadian co-author bring book tour to Waterloo Region
  • posted Startup communities gets stronger when it is connected to other startup communities. I have been establishing connections to a number of other communities. Trondheim and Technoport is a great connection for Iceland. Read about my adventures in Norway. I was able to convince the leaders there to send a bunch of founders to Iceland to participate in Startup Iceland.
  • posted New Communitech accelerator takes no equity; targets revenue growth
  • posted Highlights from the Waterloo tech community in 2014
  • posted Are you building an inclusive startup community? Iceland is a black box
  • posted Reddit founder/YC investor Alexis Ohanian highlights Vidyard and Waterloo startup scene in latest Small Empires episode
  • posted I would like to share this amazing ios app.
  • posted Really excited to hear the news about Qlik acquiring Datamarket. It is a great testament to the quality of startups that were created in Iceland. I sure hope that more investors will put money in building the startup community in Iceland.
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  • posted Like someone's creative work? Then pay them for it.
  • posted Have you tried Shoot Birds yet?#playstore #Amazon #indiedev #gamedev
  • posted We have officially launched the Reykjavik Chapter of Founders Institute. Here is the taste of the program and the type of mentors who will participate. Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote is speaking about the 6 question for every startup founder needs to ask, this talk was delivered as part of the Founders Showcase event hosted by the Founders Institute. Apply and/or attend the event this thursday September 18th at Cafe Solon at 5:30pm
  • posted Startup Reykjavik Investor Day was a blast, I believe all the teams are investible... there I said it, what we really need to be doing in Iceland is writing $50k to $100k checks for each of these teams and see the magic happen. Read more for why I believe that picking winners is a fools game.
  • posted I have not written openly about my end game, here it is I want to END POVERTY in my lifetime. I believe it can be done and it starts with one startup community at a time. I have been experimenting and working on the building blocks in Iceland, my belief is that this model can be replicated everywhere. What do you think?
  • posted it's selfie time, lets take a selfie and discover beauties
  • posted Open Source initiatives help build communities, don't believe me check out our new guest blog post by James Robb. Software based solutions that enable advocacy, democracy and community development are very exciting things and Iceland has the unique ability to get these software solutions implemented. Aligns with the thesis that one can get Product/Market fit done very quickly in Iceland. What do you think?
  • posted Did you know that you can get a sneak preview of our next book Accelerate? It's here: Let us know what you think!
  • posted Here's a chance for Boulder to end-run the crazy forthcoming Comcast/TWC monopoly. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to watch them spend big bucks to try and defeat something that is bad for them but good for us.
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  • posted A testimonial to "give before you get" - and the power associated with it.