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  • posted Hello everybody and Greetings from Estonia. I´m new here and I´m currently working on my first mobile game.
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  • posted Win a Free Signed Paperback Copy of Accelerate: Founder Insights Into Accelerator Programs | Startup Books
  • posted We have officially launched the Reykjavik Chapter of Founders Institute. Here is the taste of the program and the type of mentors who will participate. Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote is speaking about the 6 question for every startup founder needs to ask, this talk was delivered as part of the Founders Showcase event hosted by the Founders Institute. Apply and/or attend the event this thursday September 18th at Cafe Solon at 5:30pm
  • posted Looking for a job at a startup? Here is the guide for you.
  • posted Being able to sell is an important skill for an entrepreneur. Do you have a sales methodology like Scrum for your startup? you don't? here are some ideas on how to build one.
  • posted Experience the power of a bookbook. :-) via [139930,Kevin Barrett Kane]
  • posted It is easy to say build a rapid prototype, but actually being able to do that is the important part. I wanted to follow up my post with actual methods, hacks and process that enables anyone to build a culture of design thinking and rapid prototyping to build great products and services, that is way great startups or companies are built
  • posted When you are trying to figure out your Product to Market fit, focus on rapid prototyping don't waste time on figuring out the supply chain and talking about distribution channels etc. Time is the most valuable resource you have as an entrepreneur. I see so many startup founders focusing on the wrong things and wasting time. You need to stop that. Check out the story of narrated by Bill Gross
  • posted Write less, edit more.
  • posted Apon - an icelandic startup profile
  • posted Too often, companies and individuals assume that creativity and innovation are the domain of the “creative types.” Creativity and innovation are both ingredients in Entrepreneurship and Startups, I believe anyone can do this, but must be willing to make the sacrifices. IMHO this is the only argument against a Basic Income Guarantee, read more to find out what I mean by this.
  • posted Startup Reykjavik Investor Day was a blast, I believe all the teams are investible... there I said it, what we really need to be doing in Iceland is writing $50k to $100k checks for each of these teams and see the magic happen. Read more for why I believe that picking winners is a fools game.
  • posted The way we do online payments is being disrupted do you know who the players are? Bitcoins is not the only way this is going to happen, there are several very promising startups and technologies that are already making it easy to cheaper to do this.
  • posted A really wonderful article about writing from Adam Griffin, one of our new authors.
  • posted I have not written openly about my end game, here it is I want to END POVERTY in my lifetime. I believe it can be done and it starts with one startup community at a time. I have been experimenting and working on the building blocks in Iceland, my belief is that this model can be replicated everywhere. What do you think?
  • posted it's selfie time, lets take a selfie and discover beauties
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  • posted #YouCanLearnAnything - even running a profitable hotel in Iceland. One would think that developing and running a hotel in Iceland should be great business, but if you talk to investors/bankers you will hear a sob story how hotels in iceland have to go bankrupt 3 times before they make any money. Makes me want to ask Really? Why?
  • posted What tools and methods do you use to reconcile differences of opinion, disagreements and conflicts? Here is a good tool to enable you to do that. It is the guiding philosophy of Rotary International.