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  • posted What tools and methods do you use to reconcile differences of opinion, disagreements and conflicts? Here is a good tool to enable you to do that. It is the guiding philosophy of Rotary International.
  • posted A terrific read into the sanctity of craft. Oh... and books, too. :)
    • SandyGrason I read this too. I loved this quote:

      "Giving a shit does not require capital, simply attention and humility and diligence. "Giving a shit is the best feeling you can imbue craft with. Giving a shit in book design manifests in many ways, but it manifests perhaps most in the margins."
  • posted In life everybody faces choices between doing what's popular, easy and wrong vs doing what's lonely, difficult and right. These decisions intensify when you run a company, because the consequences get magnified 1000 fold - Ben Horowitz
    Why do you want to do a Startup anyway?
  • posted Engaging holographic presentation can help your brand to grow?
  • posted The more I invest in startups, I see the true value apart from the team, it is usually the data, design and the network that is created by the startup. Growing fast is a function of metrics that track the above 3. If you are a startup and not focusing on the above 3 three then you may be in the wrong path.
  • posted People problems are the leading causes of failure in startups. Listening to Founder's Dilemma a book by Noam Wasserman. What do you think? I can say based on my limited experience this is very much the case.
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  • posted Lunatic Escape
    If u need some new type of challenging and fun game this is the right thing for you.
  • posted If your child is afraid of monsters this is a must check out app, it has been kid tested and parent approved and is guaranteed to get your kid to go to bed without being scared, and give you that all important sleep you need. CHECK IT OUT
  • posted David Cohen shares the story of his first startup + video
  • posted Lessons from the Founders
  • posted Accelerate | Interview with Ben Uretsky, Founder of DigitalOcean (Techstars Graduate)
  • posted Plot Thickens as 900 Writers Battle Amazon -
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  • posted Check out David Brown, Founder of Techstars first Founder's Story:
  • posted My partner just wrote "Social Media Marketing is about Understanding People, not Cheap Tricks". Can you give her some feedback?
  • posted Thoughts from the community? We would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
  • posted The down & dirty, behind-the-scenes of our next book launch:
  • posted Since I'm working from Florida this week, this caught my eye. Interesting....

    "“Disney knows when you’re on the toilet,” "Yes, Disney can track your movements through their parks and resorts. Yes, Disney can use that information for more or less whatever they choose. But heck! Big retail companies have been tracking you for years. But MagicBand isn’t like any old data gathering practice, because Disney isn’t like any old company."
    • John R. Meese Yeah, their "MagicBand" is an interesting new move. I have one friend working as a manager in the plant that creates them, and another who works for the data company installing them.