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  • posted Pebble founder's focused diligence behind wild Kickstarter success, says Waterloo friend and Vidyard co-founder
  • posted I am looking for feed back on our new App- "Remind ME App". It's Available on Android. It simply Remind's you to keep up to your daily tasks like to Call,Text,Mail, wake-up on time and much more. The app is simple to use and Never let's you forget. Guaranteed
  • posted The imposter syndrome
  • posted Hi, the iProperty Company is a new, free-to-use international property community. We launched six months ago and already have thousands of listings in 20 countries. We are crowdfunding with and have just relaunched our FREE android app. Mobile real estate without the agent.
  • posted Quick Quick - Simple Mind Game - Android Apps on Google Play
  • posted I have developed this game.Please download and share your feedback. so that i can imrove myself.

    It is free.. Thanks in advance
  • posted How a Waterloo company got a bigshot Valley VC on a plane to Canada in winter: Vidyard's four-year courtship with Bessemer Venture Partners
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  • posted [ez Tasking] will help your life.
    Why don't you try and it' free now in limited time.

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  • posted Hi, manager.

    I’m Bright Lee from Korea. and I want to promote my app and want you to help me to spread my app to the world.

    my app is called “ez Tasking” (todo-list, schedule, note all in one app), which is very simple but powerful.

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    [ez Tasking information]

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  • posted Hello all. We are working on some exciting products for parents and we just released this app. The idea is to help parents with curated, great quality parenting resources. The catch is that we just send one resource per day, thus helping the user learn something quickly everyday.

    Would love to get feedback...
  • posted
  • posted Do You Buy Gifts for Your Pet(s) for Christmas? — Medium
  • posted Mednoid Medical Search

    The medical context search engine that grows with you. Mednoid Search is specifically dedicated to help answer questions related to medical diseases and conditions like Cancer, Aids, Alzheimer, ADHD, and many others. Mednoid is not only a context search engine that continuously keeps growing, but also a personalization search engine. Got a disease, a disorder, or condition you want covered? Just visit our Add New Context web page, fill out a short form, and submit. Within seconds our search engines will proceed to create a new context based on the information you've supplied. New knowledge will be added to this context on a continuous basis, ready for you to search at your own convenience.
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  • posted PrcTutor Math and ELA Program Free this Thanksgiving Season 2014.
  • posted Reddit founder/YC investor Alexis Ohanian highlights Vidyard and Waterloo startup scene in latest Small Empires episode
  • posted Building hardware products that take advantage of the connected world we live requires a total rethink of how we design, collaborate and make things. Hosain Rahman of Jawbone gave a lecture on how they have cracked the puzzle. Watch the video of the never before seen recipe or Jawbone's product development process.
  • posted Teaching and teachers play an important role in molding anyone's character. I am fortunate to have great teachers and mentors who guide me. There is a malaise that is going around that since there is free access to information that it can lead to knowledge and wisdom without the role of a teacher or mentor. The truth could not be far from it. Information is not knowledge and knowledge does not automatically lead to wisdom. If you don't have a mentor get one, you will be happy you did.